Collage, album cover.jpg

Track List:

1. Setting Fires featuring XYLØ
2. All We Know featuring Phoebe Ryan
3. Closer featuring Halsey
4. Inside Out featuring Charlee
5. Don’t Let Me Down featuring Daya

This is the second EP that The Chainsmokers which include 5 tracks from their latest release, Collage EP. The album composes of beautiful 5 tracks that your listening senses will feel amazing.

* Setting Fires featuring XYLO – this track gives that signature song that this duo is doing. With that groovy beat that make me snap my finger and move my head.

* All We Know featuring Phoebe Ryan – I love smooth this track sound. Still giving that electro beat but still sounding sweet and wait for the chorus then it turned to a fantastic track.

* Closure featuring Halsey – who doesnt love this great track. For awhile this track is the beat of my life. The track have a simple lyrics and that fantastic rhythm that makes me hook up and listen to it over and over again.

* Inside Out featuring Charlee – another track the is mesmerizing to listen is this lastest single. Its not that fast track like the other and it made me listen to it in a loop.

*Dont Let Me Down featuring Daya – sounding a bit different the party scene but I like that simple sound first and the beat breaks down with an amazing music.

Even the dj duo not releasing like LPs but just singles and EP, they really create a great music that everyone really love and listen over and over again.


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