Exposed 2016 Poster.jpg

Because this is a Keanu Reeves film, I thought that this will be good but I was wrong. Exposed or originally released with the title Daughter Of God is a thriller cop movie that gives a different twist for movie goers. The film also stars Ana De Armas who played a Spanish girl with a an ability (in the first part of the movie) to see dead people (not in a psychic way) and angels. The movie plot is about a cop that was killed due to corruption and how this killing connected to Ana’s character in the movie. I know that Keanu is as gorgeous man as he is but this doesn’t click to me. The whole story is so slow pace. Maybe too many unnecessary scenes that was inserted and turning the investigation connection to the Ana’s character is super done in a weird way. For me, this movie is such a waste of time to watch.


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