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Track List:

1. Friendzone Mo Mukha Mo
2. Si Aiza, Si Norma, At Si Jen
3. Sing” featuring Rico Blanco
4. Wala Lang Yun
5. Lagi Mong Tatandaan
6. OK Katol (Filler)
7. Kweba Ng Ermitanyo
8. Beautiful Girl featuring Vinci Montaner
9. Chaleco (Filler)
10. Pan De Monio
11. Ulan
12. O Inday (Isang Munting Harana Ni Gardo Sa Maid Ni Mr. Lim)
13. Ngayong Wala Ka Na
14. Hamon Ng Buhay
15. Ang Parokya featuring Gloc 9 and Frank Magalona
16. Francis Vincent Montaner Backup Extraordinaire Filler
17. Panahon Na Naman Ng Harana featuring Rico Blanco
18. Long Live Loyzaga Bros (Filler
19. Tanduay
20. Nakapunta Ka Na Sa America? (Filler)
21. Salamat Po

Its been a long while since Parokya Ni Edgar releases a new material but the wait is over. Releasing a new album entitled Pogi Years Old that gives a beautiful sounds that we love from the band. Over all the album is compose of 21 tracks with some fillers and laughter.

* Friendzone Mo Mukha Mo – this is another sure hit from the band. I really like the message that of the track cause it feels like the best hugot every. I like that part that he wants it with malice is so fun.
* Si Aiza, Si Norma, At Si Jen – song plays with three different women with all of the promise of forever but keeps in falling in love with the next girl.
* Sing featuring Rico Blanco – technically this is the first single on this album and the first time (really first time for me) to hear the band in an all english track and the good thing about this is a duet with Rico Blanco. I really like how Rico and Chito’s voices mellows each other with the touch of rock pop but still in a Pinoy way,
* Wala Lang Yun – giving that beautiful beat with the fast talk, assuring that his love is securely her.I like that pinoy beat for this track that is very PNE.
* Lagi Mong Tatandaan – this track is really pure rock. I dont know but this track is beautifully lyricize and with that rock band feel that gives listeners to play it again and again.
* Kweba Ng Ermitanyo – I dont know but I really feel this track cause it gives you being alone and how you like it. I also hear the reason why you dont go out to party and well, its true. I rather to be in my Kweba cause I got everyhting here.
* Beautiful Girl featuring Vinci Montaner – this is the first time that I have heard the PNE is reviving a track and they have done a great job in doing their own rock fusion of Jose Mari Chan’s classic. They didnt complicate the arrangements and just stick to the basic version. Just giving a rock flavor to it which is really nice.
* Ulan – I think that this will be a single for their album cause of the message of the song. Simple but was able to capture my heart with the love message on this track. I like the band doing like serious (or not too serious song) and it gives me that hoping for love feel.
* O Inday (Isang Munting Harana Ni Gardo Sa Maid Ni Mr. Lim) – I also like the band doing songs that tells story like this one. I also like how the title play with the music. The song is about a love story of a maid and Gardo which doesnt indicate what is his role to the whole track.
* Ngayong Wala Ka Na – it feels like this is a sad track being sang in an upbeat rhythm tells the story that he doesnt want to do anything cause now his love of his life is not with him.
* Hamon Ng Buhay – singing about how we should be facing problems and still can over come this obstacle and be a winner.
* Ang Parokya featuring Gloc 9 and Frank Magalona – giving an explosive track with Gloc 9 and Frank Magalona. Its like a rap rock song with a very catchy track giving an introduction with all the members of the band. This track gives the feels that they are a strong band that you cannot disband. I like this bagsakan feel to this track with Gloc 9 fantastic lyrics track.
* Panahon Na Naman Ng Harana featuring Rico Blanco – the second duet track of the band and Rico Blanco and another revival track which gives that sweet feel. And the twist of this track is a mash up with Its a very chill track that I can listen while im traveling, sunlight in my face and sweet wind blowing to my face.
* Salamat Po – another track that I really like is this song cause it only gives you guitar giving back to the one who created the world and the whole beauty of it.

What I really like about this band is they are afraid if doing a song that is out of their genre but they are exploring, evolving and loving what they do.I really like listening to this album and as far Im concern, the best so far.


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