Track List:
1. Playing With Fire
2. Stay
3. Whistle Acoustic Version

This is the second album / EP from Korean girl band Black Pink entitled Square Two EP. The album is compose of three tracks only but really worth listening.

* Playing With Fire – its not a typical Korean dance track cause the song opens with a nice piano and gives that dance beat. I must say that this is not that Kpop for me. The rhythm feels like a track is very American. Still got the beats the I like.
* Stay – I like listening to this type of music even I cant understand them. I like the acoustic guitar play with that amazing vocals that embraces my soul and covers my emotions even with the beat. Towards the chorus it gives that country tone that is kinda very new for Korean artist.
* Whistle Acoustic Version – I feel this track is not really an acoustic take to the original song but it was the original track stripe with the techno vibe and attached that intrumentals. I havent listen to the original track but I like this cause even it was acoustic, it gives the dance motion that makes me groove going to the chorus.

Even the album is just three track, its really amazing to listen to good Korean track without the drama but only good music on their belt.


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