Image result for crush wonderlust EP album

Track List:
1. Wanderlust
2. 2411
3. Nostalgia
4. Fall
5. Like My Father

This is the second EP of a Korean artist named Crush entitled Wanderlust EP. I really dont know the guy and I was trying to hear what he can offer. The album is consist of five tracks and lets break it down.

* Wanderlust – opening the album is this track. Wanderlust is the only word that had been spoken in the song only two times and throughout the song it’s just instrumental and a little “Oh” and “Ah” here and there. It’s just an intro to the whole EP.
* 2411 – this track gives that RnB flavor that is so cool. Its smooth and slow. It do feel that he sounds like Korean version of Usher.
* Nostalgia – another guitar playing track placing his beautiful voice and the sweetness of tone. But I don’t feel the strength in this type of track. Maybe because I cannot understand it or I dont vibe this type of track for kpop sound.
* Fall – this time with a piano play, this is the one of the tracks that I like in the album. It feels like he is singing the track in a very sincere way with that lullaby falling in love vibe is amazing.
* Like My Father – another track that I love listening (maybe because it’s a piano play) and gives the sweetness in my listening pleasure.

I don’t want to say that I dont like this EP but more on music that doesn’t sooth my hearing sense. Maybe some tracks are not kpop with me cause it feature more piano and guitar, not like the dance groove for KPOP taste. I would like to still him in a full length album with that RnB sound and nice voice quality will make it a success.


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