Track List:

1. I Can’t Stop Thinking About You
2. 50,000
3. Down, Down, Down
4. One Fine Day
5. The Pretty Young Soldier
6. Petrol Head
7. Heading South On the Great North Road
8. If You Can’t Love Me
9. Inshallah
10.The Empty Chair
11.I Can’t Stop Thinking About You (LA version)
12.Inshallah (Berlin sessions version)
13.Next to You with The Last Bandoleros (Live at Rockwood Music Hall)

After a long time, I got to listen to a singer that I grew up listening. Sting is back with a brand new album 57th & 9th Deluxe Edition. The album is based on the streets he is passing by to go to the recording studio to do the album. The standard album contains 10 track plus 3 live versions.

* I Can’t Stop Thinking About You – I love him singing this fast tracks. It feels like its a modern genre of music he is singing. Very pop rockstar.
* 50,000 – his vocal in this track is very manly and deep that gives the track a very nice embrace of the rhythm. The chorus feels very him cause I heard this type of sound and tone from previous tracks and I like listening to it very much.
* Down, Down, Down – another sounding rock vibe. I found the track very simple with the instruments but fantastic groove.
* One Fine Day – this track is very chill to listen to and gives amazing good vibes with its lyrics and how the whole track sound is amazing.
* The Pretty Young Soldier – I do feel how raw this song is done with the voice and band instrument play. But this track doesnt spoke to me cause it gives a strong feel with the vocal and music.
* Petrol Head – when he decided to go with Bon Jovi sound, he killed this track with it. I like this fast track a lot.
* Heading South On the Great North Road – giving a slow song now with this with a beautiful lyrics and guitar play.
* Inshallah – its meaning “If Allah’s will” gives that Dessert Rose song minus the electric feel. Its do have almost the same groove.
* The Empty Chair – this song is my favorite song on this album cause I feel that when he is singing the track is sincere with the acoustic guitar sound that makes this track so chill to listen.
* I Can’t Stop Thinking About You (LA version) – this version is like a toned down version of the track, the lyrics where spoken good and super basic instruments been used for this version.
* Inshallah (Berlin sessions version) – I like this song version even more than the original mix cause it feels like its an English song with like an Arabian feel with more string instruments to the Berlin session version.

I know that Sting’s music is not really for my ear’s pleasure but there are tracks on this album that is so nice and it can show how diverse he is with his music. Like giving that full band song with the rockstar feel with every song on this album.


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