Track List:
1. New Men
2. Pray (I’ll Be Your Man)
3. Love Drunk
4. Im Bored
5. Yes I Am
6. Come On Over
7. Melody Song

This the first time I have listen to this Korean boy band named BTOB composed of seven members. Returning with their 9th mini album entitled New Men Mini Album.
The album features seven tracks.

* New Men – the intro of the album that gives a electro rock feel with the strong rockstar voice that is so nice. A big band to open an album.
* Pray (I’ll Be Your Man) – giving a romantic melody with dance feel towards the chorus. I do feel like a track that 2NE1 sang before.
* Love Drunk – giving that pop rap vibe to this track but still reserving the smooth feel with the melody and the voice after the rap part is a good listen.
* Im Bored – besides from the yawning part at the beginning, I really like this track. It gives that rap groovy vibe that I can really nod my head. It feels like R Kelly’s Ignition.
* Yes I Am – this is the first time I have heard a kpop band singing with guitar play on the song and that makes this track beautiful.
* Come On Over – this dance song is a really nice to listen. I dance to the rhythm and makes me feel listening to a 90’s song.
* Melody Song – its a fusion of ballad and rap with a pinch of pop that is really cool to the ears.

Overall, I like this album cause its not overwhelming with alot of kpop dance and pop sound. It just giving the right tone for music lovers to enjoy.


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