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I didn’t know that this movie, Barcelona: A Love Untold, is a nice movie to watch. The movie stars Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla in a matured role-playing characters whose souls meet in the past and met in Barcelona. The film is beautifully directed by Olivia Lamasan. The story’s plot starts with Padilla’s character losing the love of his life and trying to fulfill his dead girlfriend dreams for them. Until he met Bernardo’s characters in Barcelona who is very much look a like to her. Then they fall in love but can’t cause in the heart of Padilla, the girl is still in his heart. I never thought that I would cry especially the ferris wheel part and it’s really a must watch. It also amazingly done in one of the most beautiful place on Earth, Barcelona. I also like how the story run, the family part and the heart part are nice. This is one of the best Filipino film of 2016.

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