Me Before You (film).jpg

Based on the best-selling book of Jojo Moyes with the same title, Me Before You.This movie cast the perfect pair for this such of movie, Emilia Clark as Lou, the lead girl and Sam Clafin, as the lead guy. This is a story about a girl who loses her job and needed money so bad and she ended up like a care taker of a young man whose body is paralyzed but so handsome. I don’t know but the movie for me gives like going to cheating cause by the time Clark’s character is taking care Clafin’s character, she do have a boyfriend. Then she slowly give in but not until the split. It’s really a beautiful story and a hope and strong will to live. I know its regular love story but with a weird situation. Amazingly adapted and the lines are great. This is a film that you shouldn’t and never miss cause its a fantastic movie to watch.


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