Doctor Strange, wearing his traditional costume, coming out from a flowing energetic portal, and around him the world and New York turning around itself with the film's cast names above him and the film's title, credits and billing are underneath.

I never expected that this comic book superhero will appear in the big screen. Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role for Marvel’s Doctor Strange. The story of a brain surgeon who got involve in a car accident and his hands are badly injured. Searching for a cure to his inability to use his hands, he traveled to Nepal to search for the Ancient One. He then learn that the universe he is walking is part of other universes.The villain in the movie is  Kaecilius and his zealots who are trying to get mystical texts. I really enjoyed watching this movie cause the effects are really nice especially that movie gives amazing magic fight scenes. I know that there is controversy about the Ancient One not being Asian but it’s really cool. If you are easy to get dizzy cause of the movement of the entire setting. I know that Doctor Strange being part of the MCU will give us different superheroes from other universes and I’m excited to find out who those characters will be. You need to wait for the post credit scene cause it will show how he will be connected to Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok.


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