Resident Evil The Final Chapter poster.jpg

They say that this new Resident Evil movie will be the last part but I think it might be a spin off in a making. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter starring Mila Jovovich give an action pack ending to this installment. The movie concludes the whole franchise by telling how the T Virus started and progress. I love the killings, explosions and action that this movie gave to movie goers from start to finish. My favorite part of this movie is when they are being attacked from a tower and they pour gasoline all over the side of the tower and flame it, that is one amazing scene. I must say that with all the Resident Evil movie, this is my favorite. The ending just made me question when they release that anti T Virus, all affected started to pass out but she was also have T Virus in her system but she is the last to pass out. But besides from that scene, everything is fantastic. This movie gives you the value of your money all the way.


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