Last Monday, when I am running errands all over the town, riding PNR is not an optio  for me for public transport at first. Then the person who Im about to meet in Manila suggested to ride the PNR, then I decided to do so cause there is a PNR sration that is walking distance from where Im coming from. Here are the things I have learned from riding PNR.

1. There are no specific pedestrian pass to get to the flatform. When the train is about to arrive (which I have experience), PNR employees are in the middle of both train tracks and controlling rushing commuters to catch the train. But still very accomodating even they are staying under the hot sun cause I have as him where to get ticket and he answered right away.

2. Tickets cost is ranging from 10php to 20php. Yes, its very cheap… super cheap. I was thinking that it might range from 30php to 40php cause of the ling journey but I was wrong. There is no one checking the ticket so you can ride even without paying.

3. The train is so long but the platform is so short. Yes! The horror story about you jumping off the train is true. I think that there are around 6 PNR stops that are short with platform so passengers literally jump amd if you are in the door it self, you cannot go down so they need to step aside.

4. Small electric fan and hand fan will really become handy when your inside. I dont know but inside PNR os a hell hot. The one fan or aircondition that the train have is the door entrance but I dont know if all do have it. So I decided not to be on the entrance but a little inside. The PNR windows are open but still no air coming in. I also observe that in the inner part of the train people are not crowded and people can really sleep in this hot feeling.

5. Lastly, its really a fun experience riding PNR and to think that its my first time. there are times that you can hear the train operator telling passengers what station they are stopping but if you are not paying attention you might miss your stop. Also, stations doesnt have signs what station you are stopping. I decided to have a screenshoot of the PNR stations and count and crossout each station on the list so I will not be lost.

(Sorry for the blurred photo :D)

I think that its time for PNR to upgrade cause it services alot of commuters. I think I can ride PNR again but I might do it again during weekends. But riding during weekdays is no bad (maybe because of the time I have riden it).


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