As I continue to catch up with the movies I haven’t watch, I decided to go for a Filipino movie entitled The Escort. The movie offers reality that everything has its price. It stars Lovi Poe as a sister who is taking care of her younger siblings and will do everything for them to have a good like until she met Derek Ramsey‘s character who do have an escort service business. He recruited Lovi Poe as a ¬†receptionist for the business. She then bump to businessman played by Christopher De Leon who like Poe very much and she is willing to pay to have her. But Ramsey started to fall in love with her. This film gives a regular story plot that movie goers can really relate. The movie gives overloaded of sexiness from the gorgeous Lovi Poe and oozing hot Derek Ramsey that gave the movie it’s much more needed spice. Done in not that bastos way and still giving respect to the workers who have this line of work. It gave understand with the cinematography that movie goers will enjoy. The only thing that I don’t like is how the characters are connected with a bit of political angle but everything is great for me.


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