Pitch Perfect 3.jpg

Ending its trilogy, Pitch Perfect 3 gives an aca-finale that everybody really loves and enjoyed. before I went to the cinema to see this film, I have listen to its soundtrack and right away, I know that this will be a great movie to watch. The Bellas are complete and back with the original actresses with some addition, Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Hailee Steinfeld, Hana Mae Lee, Ester Dean, Chrissie Fit, Alexis Knapp, John Lithgow, Ruby Rose, Kelley Jakle, Shelley Regner, Elizabeth Banks, and John Michael Higgins. The story revolves around how The Bellas reunited by joining a tour for the US Military and it’s a competition for the opening act for DJ Khaled‘s tour. They are travelling with bands with instruments and dj console and having a hard time fighting cause they are used to battle with acapella groups. Movie doesn’t have a dull moment cause its filled with songs that movie goers can sing along, many funny moments specially with Wilson on the frame and the big finale that nobody is expecting. Maybe another Pitch Perfect movie would be good but I’m satisfied in what this movie offered and its a good way to end a fantastic series.



The Foreigner (2017 film).jpg

I must say that this is one of the best movie that Jackie Chan has ever done. The Foreigner gives the flavor of a different action style for a Chan’s typical films. The film’s plot is about a father who looses a daughter in a terrorist bombing and all he wanted to know who is the group behind it. Being just a simple owner of an Asian restaurant to a bomb making machine which he learn from being a soldier. I seeing this film as the most serious Chan movie cause the whole point of the movie is for him to get his revenge for his daughter’s death. I do feel the emotion of the father on it and having a focus mind to squeeze the information to the people who knows the group who is responsible. The make up did great for making Chan very natural in the movie. And Pierce Brosnan‘s Irish accent is great due some scenes he might forgotten that he is playing an Irish in the film. The action scenes are explosive but very simple, not showing too many martial arts stunt that makes the whole film realistic in all sense. For action pack movie lover, this is really a good watch.



It (2017) poster.jpg

The new movie adaptation of a Stephen King classic, IT, the 2017 version gives a darker and scarier take to this classic. Its tell the stories of a group of school friends that are being bullied cause they are like nerds and how they have defeated a long time curse roaming there town. It all started in a rainy day where older brother Bill is creating a paper boat for the younger brother Georgie. Then while playing with the but, it was wash out to a sewer where Pennywise is luring the kid . Then a year past, Bill and his friends are trying to uncover the mystery of his missing brother and they are all starting to see weird entity haunting each of them. It feels like the kids in the movie are very troubled but in a scary. This movie gives me the creeps not just by Pennywise but the whole scary elements in the whole film. From the story line and how its connect to the whole build up for the story and the visual are excellent cause its not just plan morning but its really a dark morning event that you want to see what will happen next


Geostorm official teaser poster.jpg

Geostorm is a 2017 disaster film that tackles about the abnormal behavior of the weather in the world. The main character in this film is Gerard Butler who plays a satellite designer who have design a satellite to control the abnormal weather patterns but was fired due to not following protocols. After a few years, they needed his help due to the satellite gets compromise and weather down Earth got worse due to a virus put on the control of the satellite. At first I think that this movie is like an indie film and offers no good props which is trying to be visual effects. I also haven’t seen the trailer before deciding to go with this film when it’s shown in the cinema back then. I must say that the visual for this film is good, even the scene they are trying to retrieve the hard drive of one of the satellite and the last blow up scene at the almost last part is done in incredible detail. It also a film that touches your human emotion like him having a kid to take care and needs to go back and also finding a new love. I really enjoyed watching this movie even in the first place I don’t have an idea the film is about.


Kingsman The Golden Circle.png

The Kingsman ay back with another adventure based on a comic book. The sequesl Kingsman: The Golden Circle stars Colin Firth reprising his role as Harry, juggling his job and personal life. The movie’s plot started  Harry chasing the group of bad guys and one of them do have a mechanical arm and the it do have an action pack fight scene. And when he finally defeated the guy, he left the mechanical arm that was use to compromise the whole Kingsman organization and eliminating them. Only a few survive from the Kingsman organization, they seek assistance from another organization, Stateman, a cowboy like good guys. One of the person from the first film that we thought died comes alive on this second installment and seeing Julianne Moore as the main villain is such a beautiful portrayal of being bad in a glamourous way and being funny. Just like the first film, the effects, fighting scenes and the whole story plot makes you glued to your sit and enjoy the movie experience that this movie gives. Please stay to the very end cause it’s teasing a possible third part to the franchise.



2017 Netflix‘s take to this Japanese manga and film adaptation translating to an English movie, Death Note. The movie plot is almost the same as the Japanese movie telling a story of a high school student, Light who pick up a notebook and Ryuk which is the death god kills who’s name is written in the notebook and how they will be killed. Then met a girl, Mia who he told the notebook’s secret and became obsessed with it. Because of the mysterious death of bad people around the world, a special task force, L leading the investigation and trying to unlock the mystery murders. Its not normal for a English to be so good but I enjoyed watching it. There is not really a lot of Ryuk scenes throughout the whole film but the flow and the twist at the end is a must watch.


Gandarrappido The Revenger Squad Official Poster.jpeg

2018 MMFF will not be complete without a Vice Ganda movie on it’s list. Gandarrapiddo: The Revengers Squad gives it take like the superheroes movie in a Filipino comedy way. The movie stars includes Daniel Padilla who plays as Chino who’s son of the original villain of the film and introducing Pia Wurtzbach as Vice’s sister who turns bad but returns to the good side. The story is about Gandara and her squad trying to protect the world from evil but in some twist of events, she got amnesia and the kid Chino was left alone but Gandara adopted him as his brother. When Chino is about to turn 21 years old and his power starts to manifest and evil started to be spread. It’s a super fun movie to watch and I was laughing the whole time. Even though that this movie is just a simple one but it makes my whole movie experience fantastic.