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Storks is a movie about two situations. First is about the flock of storks who stop delivering babies to families and decided to do parcel delivery. And the other one is about a boy who wanted to have a sibling but his parents are to busy working. This boy found a paper about the baby delivery service that storks do before and decided to write to them to request for a sibling. When the letter arrived to the storks headquarters, it went to Tulip voiced by Katie Crown received it she got excited to respond right away to the request and deliver the baby. Then the story progress of her finding why she was left in the stork’s headquarters and make the boy happy by delivering his baby sibling. I must say that this movie is really nice to watch and very kid friendly. I enjoyed laughing to the film cause it’s really funny. This film will surely be enjoyed by the whole family, especially kids.



Kapag ako naging Presidente, gagawa ako ng pamantayan ng kaguwapuhan at kagandahan sa Pilipinas. Kapag guwapo o maganda ka, mababa ang tax, yung facially challenge, mataas ang tax. Para maengganyo ang mga Pilipino na maging maganda ang lahi. Hindi yun pangit na nga sa pangit ka pa papatol, kawawa naman ang anak nyo. Wag ganun. #chichitotoftheday


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After a long time, finally I got to watched this movie starring Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano in their movie My Ex And Whys. The plot of the movie is about a blog who is very famous played by Liza and the ex played by Gil who cheated with another girl and cause their relationship to collapse. After so many years they are reunited and be an endorsers of a bag brand. Then they got invited to Korea but she is trying to prove that her ex is not a good guy and ruined her best friends wedding. Then they started to rekindle their past love but with the push of relatives due to the cheating and playing of her father and applied it to their situation. I must say that this film really gives its audience kilig and fun. I don’t know but it’s just basic story but I’m a big fan of this love team. I think people will call this movie corny but I really had a good time watching it and having a good laugh.