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When this movie get announced, it really get me excited. Finally, a Justice League movie for us to enjoy. This is a DC movie that glued together Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot, Batman played by Ben Affleck, Superman played by Henry Cavill, The Flash played by Ezra Miller, Aquaman played by Jason Momoa and Cyborg played by Ray Fisher.  This movie is a superhero overload. The plot of the movie is about Steppenwolf collecting the three motherbox to spread terror. It do happen like hundred of years from the movie’s timeline which unite the Amazons, Atlanteans, Green Lanterns and humankind and defeated Steppenwolf. Assembling the Justice League member was great cause it’s like the MCU’s Avengers just done quicker. It do have an amazing effects and badass fight scenes. I really like how fight scenes being executed in this DC movies cause they are for grown men, only a little arcade. I know that there are lots of unanswered things in the movie but I know that this questions will be answered on thier future movies. But still I really enjoyed watching it.




Seklusyon is an entry from the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival by director Erik Matti. This film introduces new faces in the big screen like Anghela played by Rhed Bustamante, Miguel played by Ronnie Alonte and Sister Cecilia played by Phoebe Walker. The movie plot is about deacon and will about to take the final step to priesthood which is the Seklusyon.  Miguel who ventured out to a far away in monastery where the need to fight the evil within them. On another story, Anghela who is said to be an angel of god and performs miracle but Padre Ricardo played by Neil Ryan Sese investigate if this is true or not. But an unfortunate event came that the little girl parents got murder and in order to protect the child, she and Sister Cecilia was sent to the monastery. Then the terror of the child started. The whole is done great from the building of the story and stitching it all together is brilliant. Even the film is a time period , it keeps movie goers wanted to know what will happen next. I must say that this movie is not that scary but with the sound effects and the chill that Anghela character has given me is fantastic. A horror film doesn’t need to have scary monster to be effective and I’m hoping for a sequel for this film.



This is the 20th Pokemon movie that was released in it’s series and the first time that it’s being reboot. It tells the story of a young boy named Ash Ketchum as he is about to start his journey to become a Pokemon master and sharing his journey with Pikachu, an electric mouse type. This is retelling his journey from the season 1 from the TV series and mixing it with other people who traveled along Ash in the following seasons. Also they also mixed up the Pokemon by not separating them per generation or region. I also like the story flow cause it’s very simple but different at the same time. All I like the villain in the film which is a Pokemon, Marshadow trying to get the Rainbow Wing and try to control other Pokemon to rule. It gives you not just adventures but teaches that strength is not important but friendship is. The only downfall for me in this film is when Pikachu spoke in human language, I was like “What The Heck?” moment and it’s the first I saw Pikachu going to the Pokeball. But over all I enjoyed watching this movie that touches the inner child in me.


This is a take of Marvel Studios to the franchise that Sony owns and finally being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spiderman: Homecoming. This movie features a much more younger Spiderman played by Tom Holland. The films gives the Tony Stark technology starring along side with him. Based on other reviews that I have read that this is the closes story for this franchise after so many reboots. Spiderman battles an machine Falcon after they have discovered alien technology. There are elements from old spidey films that you can see in this movie like the boat cut in half and can be seen in the Tobey Mcguire version when he is stopping a speeding train. A cooler and younger Aunt May is also in play. The movie gives amazing Spiderman suit and functions and teases the coming to the Infinity War movie coming next year. You also need to see the post credit scenes because they are giving away more on the sequel for this movie and possible including Miles Morales which they confirmed that he already exist in the MCU. This is such fan and amazing movie to watch and everybody will surely love.



After a long time, this will be one of the film that I really love watching. Wonder Woman is the first film from the DC Universe which is a features a woman heroine leading. It star Gal Galdot on the lead role which tells a story how a simple child dreams that wants to be an amazon coming to the human world and trying to stop the evil that comes to Earth. I really like the film cause this is the only DC film that is exploring the real world unlike Batman VS Superman or Suicide Squad which are mostly studio shots and video game  fight scenes. But there are some part of the film that has the video game fight scenes. I super love this film, the art and how they have told her story. I enjoy the effects and how the director put the vision to the big screen. Im excited to see more of her on other DC movies and the sequel that they are developing.


This a very bizarre story about friendship. The BGF (aka The Big Giant Friend) tells the story of an orphan girl who have been kidnapped by this giant and went to their world. The giant’s world is a very weird world for human and giants eat human. Their goal is to encourage giants not to eat humans anymore. The whole film are mostly CGI which is kinda amazing and super great in 3D. The movie teaches us the magic of friendship and how this relationship gave us amazing changes to strangers lives. It’s kind of not to much for kids due to twist and turns in the visual and might cause headache. With it’s visuals that are stunning and the plot that is original. It’s a good movie to catch.


Beauty and the Beast 2017 poster.jpg

This is the live action adaptation of the Disney cartoon that we really love. Beauty And The Beast starring Emma Watson as Beauty and Dan Stevens as the Beast. The beginning of the movie gives a different feel and how he changes to the beast. It features beautiful and songs that we really love like the opening, Bonjour, gives me goosebumps. And Gaston played by Luke Evans, he is really an actor tailor fit for this role cause he really gives me the cartoon version and live action as one character. All the songs that we all love are there and that classic dance is such a fantastic. They also change the ending part which kinda defeat the whole original cartoon story but still lovely. Watching this movie brings back memory and not only kids in the 90’s will enjoy this but people in all ages will surely appreciate it in a big way.