This a very bizarre story about friendship. The BGF (aka The Big Giant Friend) tells the story of an orphan girl who have been kidnapped by this giant and went to their world. The giant’s world is a very weird world for human and giants eat human. Their goal is to encourage giants not to eat humans anymore. The whole film are mostly CGI which is kinda amazing and super great in 3D. The movie teaches us the magic of friendship and how this relationship gave us amazing changes to strangers lives. It’s kind of not to much for kids due to twist and turns in the visual and might cause headache. With it’s visuals that are stunning and the plot that is original. It’s a good movie to catch.


Beauty and the Beast 2017 poster.jpg

This is the live action adaptation of the Disney cartoon that we really love. Beauty And The Beast starring Emma Watson as Beauty and Dan Stevens as the Beast. The beginning of the movie gives a different feel and how he changes to the beast. It features beautiful and songs that we really love like the opening, Bonjour, gives me goosebumps. And Gaston played by Luke Evans, he is really an actor tailor fit for this role cause he really gives me the cartoon version and live action as one character. All the songs that we all love are there and that classic dance is such a fantastic. They also change the ending part which kinda defeat the whole original cartoon story but still lovely. Watching this movie brings back memory and not only kids in the 90’s will enjoy this but people in all ages will surely appreciate it in a big way.


Kong standing right front of the sun, near the hills and Soliders chasing him in the water.

Here is a different attack to the regular King Kong movie that we are use to. Kong: Skull Island is, I think, a prequel to the regular King Kong we’ve watched before. This is a story about a team searching for Skull Island to check what creatures are there and do some survey in the island. Then as they are bombing the island, Kong was there to protect it and it started the was between him and the human. Tom Hiddleston plays a hunter tracker and be their guide to the island and the photographer Brie Larson with a military captain played by Samuel L Jackson. It was said that bombing will awaken a large monster in the island and as they crashed to the island and being separated due to the rogue of Kong. The island is crawling with different giant monsters and the adventure getting off the island is such an adventure. The graphics are amazing and the story is very different but enjoyable. King Kong, I must say, perfect cause he is still a dangerous creature but still have a heart (like the scene where he touches the hand of Larson in one scene). I also like the idea that there is not just one strong monster but a lot. I also like the idea of this movie is just a beginning for a bigger monster universe cause in the post credit scene it shows Godzilla. I really love watching this film and will not be bored at all. One of the best film of 2017 that I have watched.


Bad Moms poster.jpg

Bad Moms is a film about how good mothers turns into just being no responsibility adults. The movie stars Mila Kunis who do have to juggle for her family and job and being a good mother,  Kathryn Hahn is a cool mom but still take care of her kids and Kristen Bell whose whole life is detected by her husband and always taking care of her kids also. The movie’s plot is about the loser moms stands up for changes and breaking rules. I really love watching this film cause it’s very funny and the characters are amazingly great. There is no dull moment in this film. Gives us the message that even you have a family, don’t forget to have fun. I’m glad that a sequel is in the making for this movie and I highly recommend this film for everybody to watch cause it will really give you a laugh of your time.


Storks (film) poster 2.jpg

Storks is a movie about two situations. First is about the flock of storks who stop delivering babies to families and decided to do parcel delivery. And the other one is about a boy who wanted to have a sibling but his parents are to busy working. This boy found a paper about the baby delivery service that storks do before and decided to write to them to request for a sibling. When the letter arrived to the storks headquarters, it went to Tulip voiced by Katie Crown received it she got excited to respond right away to the request and deliver the baby. Then the story progress of her finding why she was left in the stork’s headquarters and make the boy happy by delivering his baby sibling. I must say that this movie is really nice to watch and very kid friendly. I enjoyed laughing to the film cause it’s really funny. This film will surely be enjoyed by the whole family, especially kids.