Track List:

1. Telenobela

2. Oo Gusto Kita

3. Sa Huli

4. Crush

5. Hopia

6. Di Ko Alam

7. Tara Pagpawisan

8. Hanggang Dito Na Lang

Giving a dance album by the one and only Enchong Dee with his new album EDM (Enchong Dee Moves). This album is much more fun to listen and more tracks to enjoy. Composing of eight original tracks plus two remixes. Telenobela gives that fun sound and dance to its beat. I really like the track a lot and it killed my repeat button. Oo Gusto Kita gives that beat track which is really a cool song to listen to. Sa Huli, the start of the track feels like a love slow song but wait for the chorus and it gives that dance groove. Another track that I like is Hopia and its gives that EDM sound and this track is for the clubs. Tara Pagpawisan a different EDM sound cause its not too much dance and it really makes your body shake and grind. The only love song on the album, Hanggang Dito Na Lang, it doesnt EDM but this is really beautiful song that I can repeatedly listen to it. Crush (Theo Remix)  is better than the original version cause it donhave the bubble pop EDM sound that catches my auditory nerves. Hopia Theo Remix gives more electronic beats and sounds that feels amazing. I really like this album from this genre of music. He nailed this type of sound and its really nice to listen to



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